Legal Consultation Unit

  • Providing the necessary legal advice to various colleges, deanships and departments of the university upon request, as well as monitoring to know how extends the rules, regulations and instructions the employees had applied.
  • Examining the minutes of the various committees to ensure that all decisions have been taken correctly.
  • Examining the minutes of the various councils at the university, such as the Scientific Council, the Postgraduate Studies Council, the Council of the Deanship of Scientific Research, the University Student Fund Board of Directors, and other councils that are referred to the legal department.



Cases and Investigation Unit

  • Investigating cases referred by His Excellency the Rector and his Vice President and dealing with any issues related to them.
  • Participating in the disciplinary investigation committees conducted with university employees upon request in various cases before administrative courts and judicial and quasi-judicial authorities.
  • Representing the university and pleading in its cases in front of all judicial authorities and all courts of all levels, in addition to other university issues and cases.
  • Preparing pre-trial briefs about any case submitted  against the university.
  • Examining the staff members' functions that are assigned to them to know the extent of their regularity.
  • Examining the minutes of college councils received from His Excellency the Rector of the University.
  • Formulate and ensure the legality, authenticity and integrity of the decisions and circulars that His Excellency, the Rector of the University or his representatives have prepared.


Contract Study Unit

  • Reviewing the regulations, agreements and contracts received by the Legal Department regarding the validity and formulation of their procedures. ​
  • Preparing and Formulating agreements and contracts to which the university is a party.


Administrative Communications Unit